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Quoted in its entirety from [ profile] tamnonlinear :

You know I regularly recommend the jewelry and art of my friend Chris ([ profile] sihaya09), right? This is because her work is gorgeous, creative, eclectic, balanced, and the product of one of the more focused and imaginative artists I know. She's an amazing person, who strives to develop new skills, new techniques, and excels at pretty much anything she puts her mind to. She's also a funny, intelligent, responsible, and overall awesome person.

She's also the human to a very sick cat. Olive, aka beaners, Olive-bean, and many other names, is only a year and a half old and she is showing some worrisome neurological symptoms. Chris and her husband are trying to get her the medical help she needs, including diagnostic tests, which don't run cheap. There's more information here. I've met Olive and their other cats many times, and you could not ask to have cats more loved and cherished.

Olive is a rescue kitty and Chris and husband have done so much to give her a safe, loving, and healthy environment, but they need help to keep Olive going. Chris is hoping to sell enough pieces to raise the funds for the exams and the treatment.

So if you've looked at her shop before and liked it, go look again. If you've never looked, go look for the first time. She has a lot of beautiful pieces, a great collection of Halloween goodies, Autumn wonders, steampunk, vintage art nouveau inspired, and whimsical faerie jewelry.

Her shop is here. Go buy some lovely jewelry and help a lovely human and her precious cat. There's no downside to this
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House!  Stuff!  Dog! Internet!!!!!!!!!!

Photos to folow :)
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We have a tenant!!!!!!! 

Happy dance :)
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I told my twenty year old self to sit down.  I will be getting new ink tomorrow.

Happy dance :)
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I have spent the afternoon putting together an inspiration collage for a back tattoo.  I have wanted one forever and it looks different every time I try to envision it.  Hopefully this exercise will help to cement the idea in my mind. 
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New recipe up over here at Natural, Balanced, Strong: Vegetarian Black Bean Burgers.
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Every time I think about getting another tattoo, I think to myself, "Am I going to want that when I'm older?" Really? Older? I'm 39. How much older do I need to be? Am I going to care that I have a saggy faerie on my back when I'm 60? The 20 year old in me needs to sit down and shut up.
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In case you didn't see this over on my FB, I thought I would post it here. If you did see it, you know it is worth watching a second or fifth time.

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New article up on which shoes you should choose for exercise over here at
Natural, Balanced, Strong.
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MWH finished school last this week :) 

Now on to Portland.

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New article up over here at Natural, Balanced, Strong.  Zoom Ball recipe :)
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New post up over here at Natural, Balanced, Strong.  Small changes add up.
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Just posted a new article addressing five exercise myths over here at Natural, Balanced, Strong.
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A new piece on High-Intensity Interval Training (HIT) and Advanced Interval Training is up over here <a href="">Natural, Balanced, Strong</a>.
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For the record.


2:00-2:45 Renaissance Folklore and Fairy Belief
with Steve Winick

3:00-3:45 Historical Armor/Armor as Symbol
with Brian Froud and Robert Valentine

4:00-4:45 Mysteries of the Grail
or The Immortal Grail

with John Matthews

5:00-5:45 Mysteries of the Quest
with Caitlin Matthews

2:00-1:00 Green Man Panel
with Steve Winick, John Matthews,
Brian and Wendy Froud and Shane Odom
followed by Green Man Meditation
with the Frouds & the Matthews

1:15-2:00 Renaissance Cloth, Style & Fashion

2:15-3:00 Medieval Instruments & Music
with Michael Popp and Sigrid Hausen

3:15-4:00 The Flower Bride and Her Suitors: Arthurian Love Triangles
with Caitlin Matthews

4:15-5:00 Renaissance and Medieval Food

9:00-11:00 Faire: “An American Renaissance”
film screening with Jason Yarrow

11:00-11:45 Origins of the Renaissance Fairediscussion with Jason Yarrow,
Billy Scudder and Mark Lewis

12:00-12:45 Robin Hood in Myth, Folklore & Film
with Steve Winick and John Matthews

1:00-1:45 Creating Armor for Films
with Robert Valentine, Brian Froud and Robert Gould

2:00-2:45 The Heart of Faerie Oracle:
Connecting with Faerie

with Brian and Wendy Froud

3:00-3:45 Cinema Arthuriana
with John Matthews & Robert Gould

4:00-4:45 Medieval & Renaissance Songs
& Ballads

songs & discussion with Steve Winick
and Caitlin Matthews

As you will see, many of our guests and musicians are represented on a variety of subjects that reflect their passion and expertise. In an experience very different than a traditional RenFaire, guests at Rencon can learn from and be entertained by these acknowledged masters in their fields. In these presentations we will see the impact of history, folklore, literature, art and music on the evolution of the mythic arts today and how they can inform and inspire our own lifestyles.

Drawing from these sources, each of us can create a persona, character or avatar that reflects of true energetic self, be that historical or fantastic, authentic or playful. This is a very exciting time for people who live creative lives: we can be dogmatic to history, fuse history with fantasy or embrace fantasy completely. And all of this is present and welcome at RenCon: a celebration of the Mythic Arts. Come join us - We know you will feel right at home!
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Have you seen the awesome?

I have taken to starting every day with a thought my grandpa left me with: Everyday I wake up is a good day.

Good day is baseline. There is no bad day because the only bad day would be one that I didn't get to have in the first place. It's working. Even with all of the awesome in my life, I had lost my happy for a few days. I don't like it when I lose my happy because that means I'm unpleasant to be around. It usually also means that my insecurities get all riled up, which makes me even less pleasant to be around. However, I am now securely back in my happy and smiling.

The chocolate covered cherries may have had something to do with the happy.  Though they both arrived on the same day, I can't be certain and I'm not going to speculate further.  

Carry on.


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