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Okay, so here's the thing. This is the first time in a really long time that I haven't really had classes or homework to do and it is freaking me out. Sure, it allows me time to sew things for the apartment, decorate, read more about herbs and all sorts of other things, but I find myself missing the homework. It is a very odd thing that is going on because at the same time, the thought of going to grad school and working toward a PhD is entirely unappealing. Both the low pay and the tests are very off putting (off-putting...should that be hyphenated?).

It doesn't help that Bart is working nights now so I sit at home alone with too much time to think about things. This is always dangerous for me, though I have taken steps to make it less so like being sure not to watch any sort of news program, especially CNN. I cannot handle all of the sadness in the world. I will not attend a movie if I have heard reports that it is depressing in a real way. Though, Brokeback Mountain was a specific exception to that rule and after having broken said rule, I am left with the impression that I should never do it again, no matter how important a movie is supposed to be. I am not a fan of Ang Lee.

At the moment, I am doing laundry, listening to something about RV's on HGTV and sewing snaps onto the velvet pillow case I made for the sofa and contemplating the socks that need mending and the construction of a twig chandelier I bought pieces for today (I still need to buy the electrics). Earlier this evening I cleaned the kitchen including dishes, did more laundry, cleaned the glass walls of the shower with vinegar and vacuumed the floor in the living room.

I hate being alone when I have such a handsome and wonderful husband. I am supposed to have a roommate as well, but she doesn't seem to be spending much time here and isn't returning most of my phone calls. *sigh*
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So, I stumbled across this today:

It seems as though our blog has been linked on a site for expats. Which might be okay if we had been asked, but we weren't. She even has it so that one can subscribe to our blog, actually any of the blogs she has listed on the site. I am rather irritated by this. I guess I shouldn't be because the blog *is* on the internet, but she could have at least asked and given me the opportunity to make it friends only before she made us subscribable. It is just creepy. I sent her an email requesting she remove us from the site.

I may just have to go friends only anyway....
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A newly released study says that godlessness is next to peacefulness.
From The Times UK )
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Have you read this headline?

They Really Are Watching You
Ready for your own all-new, sinister ID card, courtesy of Homeland Security? Shudder

Why didn't anybody say anything???  Why wansn't it on the front page of!?!  What does this mean for folks like us who are out of the country during it's implementation?!?!?  For the love of Pete, fight back!!!!

No debate at all in Congress?!?!?!  What the hell is wrong with people!!??!?!?


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