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So, the last time I wrote about the consulate I mentioned that I had to get copies of my acceptance letters back from them. When I was able to contact them the next day, I was told that I could only have the English version back because it was address to "To Whom It May Concern," but the Italian version was addressed directly to the Consulate General and it was therefore, the Consulate's property. More anger. Another series of calls and emails to the Embassy.

"Anna, they won't give me the Italian version because they say it is addressed to them, so they can't release it." "Who is it addressed to?" "The Italian Consulate General." "That could just as easily be us. I'll call them and ask for them to send them to you. Let me know when you receive the letters so that we can set up your appointment to come in. By the way, we are trying to work it so that you only have to come in once and get your visa on the same day." "Thank you, thank you so much!"

"Anna, I didn't hear back from you yesterday. Did everything go will with the Philly people?" "I left a message. No one called me back. Can you just ask Prof. Vecchio to fax us new copies?" "Absolutely. Not a problem at all." "As soon as we get them, I will set up you appointment." "Thank you for everything."

And that is where we are now, waiting for the appointment to be set up. It could be tomorrow or it could be six weeks from now. Just sitting here waiting for a phone call or an email or a carrier pigeon or maybe a hot air balloon, which would be very exciting for the people of Ames, Iowa. Not much happens here. Even the World's largest Cheeto is an hour and a half away.
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So, Bart and I went on a little trip last week. First to Cali to visit my friends, then to Washington to see my mom, then back to Cali to see the friends we didn't see the first time. While we were up in Washington I got an email from the consulate saying that they were denying my visa application because I don't have an actual diploma yet and that they are sending me back all of my paperwork. I gave them two pieces of paper saying that I finished the Master's program and will be getting the diploma in May, but this was not good enough. The thing that REALLY sucks about the whole thing is that when I was there in person, I told her that I wouldn't have the actual diploma until May and asked what I could do as a replacement. I gave her the documents she asked for then she said that they weren't good enough!!!!!!!!

So, I sent an email to Prof. Vecchio at Naples telling him what has happened. He writes back that he is "literally astonished" with the behaviour of the people at the consulate. So he calls his boys at the embassy in DC and they contact me the next day. Today I spent almost three hours faxing the all five billion pages to the embassy. At some point during this three hour odessy, the very nice lady at the embassy calls to make sure that I include a copy of my passport in the fax, which is good because I hadn't thought to do that. During this conversation she comments that she is amazed by the amount of detail that I have provided to the consulate! No shit! Me too! But the thing is, I have only given them what they asked for!!! What is the deal? Did they ask more of me than they do other people?!?! Now I start to growl because I am beyond irritated with the people in Philly. Bart laughs at me, which only makes me growl more.

At some point during the faxing, I realize that the consulate hasn't sent back the FOUR copies (two English, two Italian) of my acceptance letter to the University of Naples, so I have to call them and ask for them back, but when I do call, the office is already closed. Damn time change.

Any way, it looks like I have to wait to hear back from the embassy, then fly out there to apply in person, but when I do, I should get my visa the VERY NEXT DAY!!!! Can you freaking believe it? Whatever. I think while we are there, we might try to take over control of the country. I don't think it will be too hard.
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Yea, Giuliana! She sent me the last of the translations on Thursday morning!!! So, on Friday I called the Italian consulate to see if it would be okay if I just mailed all the the paperwork that I have amassed for my visa application by mail or if they were going to be very picky about it and make me fly back to Philly and present it in person. Thankfully, it was okay to mail it. Express mail is WAY cheaper than a last minute plane ticket. Although, at almost $24.00, the mailing wasn't all that cheap either. And since I had to include a money order for $37.80, my free student visa application wasn't all that free. I think it was a fee for authenticating all of the translations that they wouldn't do in the first place. Better to pay someone to check other's work instead of just doing it yourself?

Anyway, the paperwork is now out of our hands and squarely in the belly of the Italian governmental bureaucracy. I'm terrified. I'm excited. No, really, I'm terrified. There are still so many things that could delay the approval of the visa AND the fact that they don't even have to give me one if they don't want to. I don't even want to think about that, I won't. Maybe I'll go read a book.


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