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I currently have sproutlings of marigold, tomato and basil. I have planted broccoli, cucumbers and snap peas. I plan to plant some sunflower, kale and onion. Maybe a few other things. I have no idea if I have planted any of these things at the right time. I do know that the pumpkin and acorn squash need to wait a bit.
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Has anybody here tried the Tofurkey Roast? I saw one with wild rice stuffing at Trader Joe's. I would like to try it, but I am afraid.
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It has been far too long since I updated on the vegetarian and unplugged experiment. Sorry!

Vegetarian: The month as veggies went quite well. So well, in fact, that we have continued to be veggie in our house, but not so much when we go out. It is rather difficult to go to most restaurants and order vegetarian unless you want the pasta...again. If I want pasta, I'll make it at home. I also found that I lost some muscle mass during this time. Once I put more protein back into my diet, the muscle came back. Obviously, I need to keep a close eye on my protein intake. 50-75 grams a day is more difficult with vegetables.

Unplugged: MWH was not as excited about the unplugged part as I was, but he put up with it. The biggest lesson I learned was that if I let food sit in the fridge, I will let it go bad. When the food is sitting out on the counter or in the cupboard, I was way more concerned about the food spoiling. During the month, I let no food go bad just sitting out. Once the month was over, I went back to my old habits of having to remove smelly vegetables from the fridge. I am very disappointed in myself for this.

Right now, the fridge is plugged in and there are frozen veggies in it. I am not happy about that fact and I really want to readdress the issue with MWH soon.

Worm bin: All of my worms either ran away or died in the bin. There was some very large black insect that laid eggs in the bin and I didn't notice what they were doing until it was too late. The larvae were almost an inch long and were eating everything, turning the bin into an icky, sticky, wet mess. The worms did not like it. I sorted out all of the worm by hand from the ickyness and tried to keep them alive in a smaller container, but that didn't work either. I am going to try one more time with a different system, one with a better way of keeping out intruders, and hope it works this time. I feel just awful that I killed so many worms!
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We have been vegetarian for just over two weeks and all seems to be going well. We are eating lots of fruit, which makes me very happy :) My mother-in-law was here for a couple of days and we canned! We put up six jars of apple butter. Well, it is little more like apple jam because I don't have a food mill, but either way, it turned out tasty and my seals are good so far.

I have been storing cut vegetables in water on the counter and they are doing well for several days as long as the water is changed regularly. Eggs are doing well for at least a week. I bought hanging basket and moved the eggs there along with the other fruit that we had.

Unfortunately, I haven't yet unplugged the refrigerator. While my MIL was here, we had milk and other things in there for her. She left this morning, so we only have a couple of things left in there to get rid of. Hopefully by the end of the week.

To the question of milk, we bought some single serving, shelf stable boxes of organic milk. This is obviously not the best option. We will be making more waste this way, and as far as I know, the packaging is not recyclable. I must do more research on this topic. When it gets colder, we are thinking about keeping stuff in the cedar closet in the basement.

Worms are doing very well. There are lots of castings in the bin and they handled the mold bloom very well. Mold bloom. My fault. See, you have to put the bread *under* the other stuff. Under. Not on top. On top means that then whole top of the pile becomes fuzzy and that some of the worms will flee to the lid of the bin, while others will accidentally commit suicide by crawling out the holes in the bottom. Easy fix, though and it won't happen again.


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