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Hard boiled eggs on the counter in mid-August - 4 days

This morning both MWH and I had hard boild eggs for breakfast, but there was one left. I was going to make a little egg salad with the last one, but when I cracked it open, it smelled of bacterial culture, so I put it down the disposal. I tested the four remaining uncooked eggs and two of them were not quite standing on end and the other two were pefectly fine. I hard boiled all four of them anyway. They are currently cooling in water. I'll try the egg salad in a little bit.
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Yesterday I made a pasta using the olives that I kept in the pantry. Today I finished them off. Still tasty, still firm like a kalamata should be. Still alive :) So, I know that brand can stay in the cupboard for at least two days with no ill effects.

The technique of leaving food in a pot on the stove that has been boiled/heated for five minutes seems to be working as well. Did it yesterday with the pasta. Admittedly, it didn't sit all that long before MWH finished it off.

I finished the last of the Morning Star Farms veggie sausages from the freezer this morning. I think I may miss those the most. It is a bummer because they are vegetarian, so I *could* eat them if not for the fact that they are frozen. I may have to divise an experiment to see if I can keep them somehow...

In other news, I ordered red worms for a compost bin! ( Very excited about this one as well! With all of the leaves and cut off bits from all of the organics we have been eating, these little guys should be well fed :)
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In an effort to move toward unplugging our fridge, we decided that we would go mostly veggie for a month. I bought soups, veggies, crackers, nuts and other stuff that don't need refrigeration. We still have some Rice Dream in the fridge to finish with the cereal we still have. I didn't buy any frozen veggies. I usually buy a ton.

Today I made a can of soup around 3:00pm. I took out what I wanted then replaced the lid and heated it for 5 minutes then turned off the heat and left the pot on the stove without having moved the lid. At 8:00pm, MWH came home, reheated the soup and ate it. We'll see if he is still alive in the morning :)

I also bought a jar of olives that did not specify that it needed to be refrigerated after opening. I ate some of them and put the jar in the cupboard. Test in progress.

ETA: I also bought a dozen eggs. I hard boiled half of them. Both the boiled and nonboiled eggs are sitting in separate bowls on the counter.
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I think I'm going to unplug my fridge. I don't really need frozen veggies. I can buy fresh when I want them. Ice cream is bad for me anyways. I don't have to cook so much that I have leftovers. We could totlally make this work.


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