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First good thing I've heard in a while:

Dear Brandie,
My apologies for the delay in response. Univ. of Naples in Italy is a well known accredited institution, and the Ph.D degree is ususally research in nature with very few courses required if any at all. The Dottorato di Ricerca (Research Doctorate) from Italy is considered equiv. to the U.S. Ph.D in the same discipline.
As for the documents required for evalaluation, all we need is the original degree, copy of the front pages of you dissertation, and the letter from Univ. of Naples indicating your program of study, the time frame (duration) it took you to complete the program, and the degree you were awarded.
NOTE: Since the Center's General Report is not only a statement of U.S. degree equivalencies, it is also a summary of the student's educational background. Therefore,information/documents of your undergraduate studies will be needed (i.e. Bach. and Master's degrees) and will be included in the report to justify the Ph.D. level equivalency.

Best of luck for your study in Italy. It must be very intersting and challenging.

Tracy K.

So maybe thngs will beb okay in the end....That is of course assuming that professor Vecchio has been able to enroll me in the school!!!!
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I am so irritated with this place! Nothing works right! I am currently attempting to open a program that will open in everybody else's account on this damn computer, but mine. It is crappy software anyway, but is the only DNA aligning tool we have!!!! Not that I need it all of the time because my DNA sequencing reaction don't work most of the time either. There are holes in the wall of thecell culture rroom and very dificult to keep things clean. Sterile is not even an option. The air conditioner in lab is broken and has been for about three weeks, so we have the windows open. Dust and leaves and crap blow into the lab constantly. Every day when I come in I must wipe off my desk before using it because the dust is so deep. SIGH Right now, I so wanna go home. Why did I drag my new husband to another country again? I must be insane. Do I really need a PhD? Even If I do get one from here, I can't get anybody in the states to tell me if it would be accepted in the US. There was no question when Hopkins was involved, but now that they are not, who know's? Baltimore sure is lovely this time of year. (refer back to my "insane" comment earlier) Yes, we may be back in town by January first. Of course, if we do come back, it will probably be to a winter that was worse than the one I moved into in 2001. Worst winter in 100 years or something like that. When we got to Naples, it was the worst winter in 15 years. Ack. Ack. Ack. And since when did I decide that Baltimore is home and not California?

DISCLAIMER:This has been an angry rant. Ranter reserves the right to rescind the rant at any time. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.


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