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Yesterday we moved into our new HOUSE. I keep saying "apartment," so I have to remind myself that this is, in fact, a house...even if it is attached to other houses on each side.

Tons of thanks go out to everyone who helped, including

[ profile] reedrover,[ profile] gsh and [ profile] todd1971.

There were several other people who helped move boxes that were overly heavy because I didn't buy enough small boxes. When one text book weighs three pounds, you can only pack so many of those into one box before it becomes unmanageable.
Bart and I spent lots of time doig repairs and painting and cleaning up the place before moving in and it paid off, I think.

I will post some photos of the new paint after I find the camera (I know it is in a small box marked "camera," but I can't find that box). I am really tired...actually, not really tired...just sleepy. Our new mattress was delivered yesterday and it is spectacular! I love it. I probably go the best night's sleep I have in years last night. I can't wait until our bed is built. We are making a platform bed that should look like it is suspended from the ceiling if all goes as planned.

I'll update more when I am more awake.

Thanks again!!
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Alright kiddies, this is it!  We have finished all of the painting we are going to do for now and are headed back to  the apartment to pack!  That is where YOU come in :)

All of you wonderful folks who are going to help us move, please meet at our apartment this Saturday at 10:00am.  We will have a truck already loaded with a new-to-us washer and dryer and ready to go.  

For those of you wanting to watch the game, it doesn't start until 4:30pm and we will be done long before that.

We no longer have immediate access to the internet at the apartment, but I will go up to the clubhouse and check my email once or twice today and tomorrow.  Call us if you need directions or have any questions.

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Hey everybody, we bought a house today!!  **happy dance**  This is where you come in: Anyone interested in helping us move the heavy stuff next Saturday drop me a line and we will coordinate.  I haven't rented a truck yet, but I am looking at picking up the wahser and dryer at 10 then coming back to the apartment to load up and head on over to the house.  It really shouldn't take all that long.  Any takers?
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You win some!

Last night our offer was accepted on a house :)

Something you can't see on the Photo Tour is the great backyard.  It is big and grassy and makes me happy :)  I will be holding my breath until closing on January 5th.

Then enter this number in the box  BA6181134

Does that work?
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GODDAMMIT!!!!  Somebody else got a contract in on that house before we did!  DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT!
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Bart and I may have finally found a house today.  We have been looking for months at the same type of Baltimore rowhome over and over and becoming increasingly disappointed.  We had found a house that we LOVED right at the beginning of our search, but we didn't get it and we never were sure why.  We offered more than the asking price.  *sigh*

This one is in a nice neighborhood and is priced right.  The catch is that it needs a lot of work.  The good part is that it needs a lot of work.  In so many places we have seen, other people have "renovated" or "updated" the house into oblivion.  Either they did a crap job or they did an amazing job, but are asking way too much for the neighborhood.  And I have decided that there is not a designer in Baltimore capable of laying out a useful kitchen.  The stove should not be shoved into the corner.  Just no.

It was built in the fourties and hasn't been updated since then, so you see, there are lovely hardwood floors underneath that dusty carpet.  They don't even need to be refinished because they haven't seen the light of day in years.  It has an oil radiator that will have to go, but probably not until after the winter...anybody out there have an oil radiator?  How do they work?  I have never seen one in action.  It needs all new everything, but we can totally afford to do it because the asking price is so low and we are going to offer even less than they are asking, I think.  Wish us luck!  I will let you all know if we get it :)


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