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I have spent the past two hours reading that last three years of my LJ and all I can say is, Thank You.  All of you have contributed so much to my life.  You have picked me up when I was down, posted links to zombies when I was miserable, given me sound advice when I desperately needed it, squeed at faerie goodness with me, encouraged me to be the person I've always wanted to be and so much more. 

I really couldn't ask for a better group of people to have in my life.  Every one of you is amazing in a way that makes the world better for you just being here.  Keep being awesome.
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It took me almost two hours to get to a voting machine this morning, but I got my sticker.

I have this weird sense of elation. Like things are going to change. But it is tempered with this other weird sense that the election has already been decided and nothing I do will make a difference.
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I was at the Mother Earth Harvest Festival held at Spoutwood Farm a couple of weeks ago. I attended a couple of talks and at one of them the speaker used the phrase "the socially destructive behaviour of hoarding." This statement really made me stop and think about my life and how I live it. I have so many things that I absolutely needed at the time. Now, I just look at them and think about the space that they take up even though they are still aesthetically pleasing. As an example, I have a fabulous set of platinum banded 1950's barware that I rarely use. I don't even look at it all that much anymore because I keep them down in the basement. No bar upstairs. That was the original plan, to get a bar, but it never happened. But then it is just getting things to house other things.

Life is easier in so many ways when one stops wanting things.
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There is currently a party going on at our neighbor's house. We were specifically invited to this one, as it is a birthday party :) The whole idea of walking into a house filled with people who may or may not speak English terrified me. It took a lot of deep breathing to get my ass over there. We found our host very quickly and were immediately introduced to an English speaker. Whew. Th English Speaker is very nice and invited us to come swimming at her house this summer. Excellent. We found a couple more English speakers and had nice conversations. Actually, they found us. You see, most of the people at the party are doctors or in science in some way because our host, the birthday boy, is a doctor himself. He just got back from a month in Africa on a Doctors without Borders stint and he is wearing a brightly patterned tunic and pant set that he bought while there. Very nice.

It is very odd that I found it so difficult to go over there. It is very much not like me, I am all about meeting new people, but the thought of the language barrier is almost too much for me. I am very funny in English, dammit, not so much in Italian (non tanto in Italiano). All I had to do was walk through the darn patio. How hard is that?!?! Very, apparently. I am such a dork.

Bart is still over there. I told him that he should go up to our hostess and ask her to introduce him to an English speaker. I wonder if he has...

UPDATE: So I went back over to the party after posting and had a very nice time. We found several other people who speak English. Most everyone who attended is a doctor or scientist or some other form of very smart person. One exception to the science rule, Roberto, is a make-up artist for the cinema :) He told me the name of a place in Rome to get the good stuff, Studio 13. Yay!! Bart also got the location of a couple of clubs that we are going to try to find.

So, in the end, it was all good and I am still a dork, but now I am a dork with more information and one or two more friends.


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