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It is time for new wings. I need a small pair for wearing out and about and I am having trouble deciding.  There are three pair that all have good and bad points. Which one do you like?

The first and second link are the same wing style with different coloring on them.

I would like to have them all, but I did just quit one of my jobs :)
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I got my tattoo! I have been waiting far too long to get it and I am so glad it is done :) There are more process pics in the set if you are interested.
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This weekend was the Faerie Festival in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. I had a wonderful time because I had the best help EVER at Glamour Glen. I had Jessica and Allison whose parents were vendors selling cool stuff made of shed antler.

Picture heavy )
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I am considering buying thses wings

Maybe the yellow or clear iridescent with either brown or copper veins.
Any opinons on the matter?
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In the field 4
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I really should write a very long post about how amazingly wonderful our trip to FaerieWorlds and Oregon was, but I still can't bring myself to accept that it is over. I'll just post this photo instead. There are plenty more on my flickr page if you want to see them.

We will definitely be moving to the northwest as soon as we can.
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If it is possible to get plastic surgery that will result in good looking pointy ears, I want it. I have decided that it was a mistake that I was not born with pointy ears in the first place.
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I have been a working fiend for a while now and I REALLY needed a day off, so I took one and went to FaerieCon International 2007! Can you say great time? We carpooled with [ profile] sihaya09 and her rockin' friend Ariel who probably has an lj, but I don't know what it is. We left really early and got there just a bit after it opened which was great for me, but maybe a bit early for everybody else. We all walkked around, looked at all of the beatiful art, got tired feet, got separtated from each other, backed into bathroom stalls (okay, that was just me), and generally had a wonderful time :) I recieved a ton of compliments on my costume (thank you [ profile] reedrover!) and even more on my wings. Several people said that they were the best at the con :) So many people complimented Bart and I by asking us if we worked for the con and even more asked to take our picture together :) Wow, so many happy faces in one entry.

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The best part of the day? Meeting Brian Froud, of course!
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I like that he has the same silly grin I do :)

LOTS of photos through the veil )

Did I say that I had a great time?

ETA: Can you guys see the entire picture? I'm thinking that my page style is cutting them off when I look at it because all of the pics are smaller the 800x600....hmmm....

RE-ETA: Nevermind. I changed my style. I like the acorns :)
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Dammit! I seem to have lost my wings! I am always doing this sort of thing...they must be around here somewhere...they can't have gone too far...


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