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If we didn't live in PDX, where else could we move that would have land with good clay content and a moderate climate?
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It is time for new wings. I need a small pair for wearing out and about and I am having trouble deciding.  There are three pair that all have good and bad points. Which one do you like?

The first and second link are the same wing style with different coloring on them.

I would like to have them all, but I did just quit one of my jobs :)
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        CREATE Fitness
Core • Resistance • Endurance • Athletic Training • Education
            Personal Training & Health Coaching

Imagine it in a pretty font aligned properly.

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Please help. I need to figure out a name for my business and I am having no luck. We discusses variations of NBS last time, this time let's look at things like Sylfaen Fitness. All of the things I think of are derivative of other names I already know. The name doesn't have to reflect the health coaching part of the business, but it certainly could. So what can you folks suggest?
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Do I have any friends who would be interested in doing this?

Further, do I know anybody who knows anybody who lives in Manhattan, the Village or their environs who might be willing to lend a sofa or a floor in case nobody else is interested in this an we can't share a room with anybody?
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Naturally Balanced and Strong Wellness
Naturally Balanced and Strong Coaching
Naturally Balanced and Strong Health Coaching

Naturally in Balance and Strong... Thoughts?
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I'm moving the focus of my business to health coaching and I need a website. Talk to me about domain names.

Something else?



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