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Today was the last day of my AFAA certification and I am so glad. I have been so stressed the whole day that I only ate a couple of bites of my breakfast, one cereal bar, one banana and three bites of pita with hummus. My stomach was so topsy-turvy that I was nauseated for most of the day. I still am, but now it is because I really need to eat something!

I am pretty certain that I passed, but one can never be sure. I finished the written part, 120 questions, in less than an hour. That really can't be right, but I went back and checked many of my answers. I hate checking all of them. A person only has to earn a 70% in order to pass the test, which means that I could have missed up to 36 and still be good. There were a couple that I had no idea on and just guessed, because no matter how long I stare at it, the answer will not randomly pop into my head. That may work for some people, but not for me.

I missed one part on the demonstration part, but that is okay because you are allowed to miss one part.

I must go eat now or I may die.
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Today was the first of three days for my AFAA personal trainer certification workshop. There are 15 people in my class of varying ability and ranging in age from 19 to late 50's.

Today's session lasted from 1pm to 9pm and we went over, I think five chapters from the book. Lots of information that was review to me, but new to some of the people who didn't read the book. There are several people who have certifications from other organizations and are just getting this cert to add more letters after their names, and it is clear that these guys never opened the book. Sad, but the instructor is doing such a good job that they will probably pass the written test anyway. It is amazing how little some of these already certified trainers know about human anatomy.

Anyway, I am doing well and even had to correct a few errors in the biology section of the book and David, the instructor, asked me to come up with a new figure showing the relationship of protein metabolism to the Krebs Cycle. No problem. He also asked if I wanted to assist him in teaching the class. Hmm. Maybe...I'll have to find out how much it pays. That might be a nice side gig once in a while with some travel involved so Bart could have entire weekends to game.

To sum up: Day One = very good day

Must go study opposing muscle groups.


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