Getting ready for the show

19 September 2017 10:57
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This past weekend, I did more toe stuff and a general health check on all of the goats that are going to the show. I'm down to the last don-wannas. Richie still needs a toe-trimming, and I keep avoiding it because, well, he's gross. I also need to wash off Emma's butt because it's black and stinky now. I know it's just a lot of hair and her being lazy about squatting all the way to pee, but really, it's gross.

I gave up getting any more fleeces skirted for the show and sale. Five will have to be enough. I haven't done my for sale notices yet. I did apply for registration papers, but I was a smidge late getting those filed, so I'm not confident that they will arrive before Saturday.

But hey, I'm scheduled and going. We will see what happens when I arrive.

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18 September 2017 09:18
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The past week has been tiring. Returning to school has been stressful for mzkero. Managing schedules and baggage from previous semesters is challenging and not surprising but is having an impact on the rest of the family. Not complaining (at least trying not to), just acknowledging. Also, work has been particularly annoying and tiring. Mostly, end of quarter stuff and lots of customer challenges. Nothing disastrous just relentless.

J had two migraines last week. While that's bad, he seemed to recover more quickly from the one on Thursday. I suspect the second was triggered by the lack of sleep from us attending the Red Sox’s game on Tuesday night and us not being home (parent-teacher visits) on Wednesday evening to make sure he went to bed early. I think he might have had a low-level one most of Wednesday and didn't say anything (urgh, it’s much easier to stop them early!!). But the boys loved the game. It was their first MLB game in person and the Moogy Betts hit two home runs over the "green monster" J was particularly thrilled to attend the game. It's one of those parenting moments when your kid's enjoyment far exceeds what you expected. In hindsight, I wonder if some of the excitement was the manic behavior we frequently experience prior to a migraine, although there typically isn't a very long lag between manic and migraine.

On a positive note, we met J's and S's teachers and I'm optimistic. S's teacher, while new to the school, is very experienced and appears to have the necessary skills for managing his challenges. Although, they gave her most of the high-energy/sports boys. Not the easiest task but she's raised a couple of their own so at least she has experience. J's teachers seem to be a good fit, especially his academic support teacher. He actually came home and said, "Mr S is AWESOME". And after speaking to Mr S, I think we have the potential for a better academic year.

Gaelen and I had a medieval event this past weekend. It was unusually hot and humid but we did well. I got to catch up with friends that I don't see very often (even though some of them live 5 minutes away).

House renovations are progressing well. A couple of glitches but the contractor has been more than willing to address them. Actually, the contractor's direct crew is AWESOME. A couple of their subs are less than awesome. I'm really looking forward to the boy's rooms being done. Having S sleeping in our room is less than ideal - although the dog is going to miss sharing S’s bed.

Ok, time to start my week.

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14 September 2017 20:09
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Getting ready for SVFF goat show

7 September 2017 09:49
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I just filled out the forms for the goat show. As of right now, I'm putting Blair, Tia, and Emma into the white show. (There is no red card show this year.)

Casamir, Hix, Sweet William, Simon, and Richie will carry the flag for the boys in the colored show, while Poppy, Taffy, and Ginger are going out for the girls. Ginger is six, so will be competing in the "aged" category this year. Taffy is already four and will be up against 2-year-olds, but I think she has a strong case for being big, bold, and beautiful. Her little brother Simon is no slacker either.

Except for Tia, I won't have any yearlings in the competition. Padric is wethered and Mouse is still too sick to go.
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In Other Lands, by Sarah Reese Brennan. Urban Fantasy/Fantasy. Hardcover, 432 pages. Keeping it.

This book is what would happen if Gordon Korman's No More Dead Dogs got crossed with Ilona Andrews' On the Edge and everyone got real about the fluidity of sexuality and the absurdity of stereotypes of all kinds, especially gender.

The focus of the novel is on Elliott Schaefer, a short, mouthy, sarcastic pacifist who knows too much, is intolerant of stupidity, and has far more determination than sense to keep his mouth shut. He teams up with a golden boy (of perfect lineage and amazing physical prowess) and the first (and most beautiful) elven warrior that he's ever seen. Maybe they can stop the Borderlands from having so many fights. Maybe they can get the various races and species to even just talk to each other. And maybe they can do this without tearing themselves apart on the metaphysical rocks of being teenagers.

The point of the novel is that growing up is hard no matter who you are, what you want, or where you go. Sometimes chosen friends can make up for broken family, but only sometimes. And knowing yourself is a great place to start when confronted by a bewildering set of conflicting expectations and prejudices, some of which aren't even aimed at you.

Recommended: Yes.
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Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline. Science Fiction. epub, equivalent to 608 paperback pages. (2011)

This has been on my to-read stack for a few years. I finally got to it this weekend on the recommendation of a co-worker who listened to the audio book narrated by Wil Wheaton.

Let me start with the good/acceptable/decent about the book. The world building is good as well as easy to grasp. We are dropped into the greater Seattle area in a massive post-fuel depression that isn't quite dystopian but feels very tired and crowded. More and more people are mentally fleeing to the OASIS, an immense virtual reality universe that allows for everything from attending high school - which our hero does - to competing in tournaments. The plot is a decade-long set of quests with a bit of a computer thriller added into it, while the quests themselves are built as an immense homage to 1980's geek culture trivia. The "hero" (narrating in first person - ugh!) is decently believable if a bit too well spoken during the mental narrative.

But there was a lot wrong with this book. It's got a horrible set of gender stereotypes that just get worse as the book progresses. About half way through the story, a painful pseudo-romance that has descended into stalker behavior is used as plot motivation for the "hero." And rather than build up the final fight scene to a beautiful starburst ending, the book ends too late, and finishes while focused on that same weird obsession that the narrator confuses with love. Also, in order to actually get to the final fight scene, the Great and Powerful OZ - I mean Og - shows up to rescue the heroes and heavily influence the competition/quest.

So, do I recommend it? "Depends." If you want to play around with the idea of an MMO/VR world that is chock full of 1980s trivia, sure, it's a fun romp. If you've become more aware of what is acceptable behavior for relationship-building and gender acceptance, then I recommend you give this a big fat no.


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