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First half-marathon ever :)  The Holiday Half. I'm thinking it will be my only.  My IT bands really just don't like going that far.  Right around 8 miles they started becoming an actual problem and I had to walk and stretch just to keep my legs moving the last three miles.  I started out with a great 10min/mile pace and lost it in the last three miles.  Bummer.  There was a very nice lady on the course who gave me a couple of chocolate covered espresso beans.  Dear gods those were good right then.  A fellow was pointing at me and yelling to the people on the side of the road that it was my first long race.  I got several woohoos out of it :)  And yet another woman engaged me in conversation about our shirts.  All very nice distractions.

The wind was strong!  I spent all night praying for no rain and forgot to ask for no wind.  I think the wind kept the rain at bay, which was nice, but running uphill into the wind is not overly fun.  Getting blown sideways from the gusts was a little fun :)  Perfect temperature as long as the icy winds weren't blowing.  And here's a thing,  when I got home and removed my shoes, I noticed that one of my toes was bleeding.  Totally had no idea.

MWH and Chin Chin were there with signs that said, "The Babe With The Power"..."Pixie Power".  Awesome. 

Tonight we will be having red velvet pancakes in celebration of this accomplishment.

Aside from the pain, all good :)

Date: 13 Dec 2010 00:24 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Wow! Congratulations that's quite a thing you just did!

Date: 13 Dec 2010 05:12 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Well done!

Date: 13 Dec 2010 15:09 (UTC)
reedrover: (Force equation)
From: [personal profile] reedrover
You are the height of personal awesomeness! Congratulations on making it through, and keeping the cheer, too.

Date: 13 Dec 2010 16:51 (UTC)
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Date: 15 Dec 2010 22:39 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I just happened to return to looking at livejournal & noticed you had a recent post. Congratulations on your Half Marathon!
It brought back memories reading your blog on it. ;~)
I hope you're feeling flexy now... <3


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